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Construction Tires

OK Tire has the products and expertise to recommend the best tire for your application, whether you are using forklifts, backhoes, zoom booms, self-propelled platforms or other vehicles.
We have service trucks available to perform on-site service.
Services we offer:
• On site service
• Flat repairs

Tire Size - Load Range: 445/65R22.5 - 20-L; 385/65R22.5 - 18-J; 425/65R22.5 - 20-L.

Tire Size - Load Range: 14.9-24 - 12-F.

Tire Size Load Range: 19.5L24 ‚Äč- 12-F; 12.5/80-18 - 12-F; 21L-24 - 14-G; 16.9-24 - 14-G.

Tire Size - 420/70-24.