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Construction Tires

We know that the construction environment can be a very unpredictable one. Which is precisely why we carry skid steer tires, loader tires, and dump truck tires that can withstand the punishment that both paved and unpaved roads can dish out.

Scrub-resistant tread, with a multi-compound construction
Four full-sized, super-tensile steel belts
Penetration protectors
Sidewall protector ribs and a scrub-resistant compound
TredLock Technology features interlocking microgrooves (and more!)
Precision-angled tread elements
Tie bar reinforced shoulder
For over-the-highway use
Deep lug block tread design for drive axles
Helps deliver fuel-efficient operation
Sidewall protector ribs
Special on/off-road tread compound
Lower sidewall/bead stabilized and strengthened
Tapered tread grooves and ejector ramps
Specially designed damage-resistant sidewall profile and compound
Extensive sipes in tread pattern for exceptional ice and snow traction.
Aggressive tread blocks for exceptional snow and mud handling.
Zig-zag grooves promote self-cleaning and resist stone chips.