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Clearsonic IsoPac B

6' wide x 7' deep x 6.5' tall
Parts Included: 
 (1) A5-6 - 6-section CSP
 (1) AX12-6- 6-section 12" height extenders
 (3) S5-2D - 4'W x 5.5'H SORBER baffle (rear) 
 (1) STC5D - 2'W x 5.5'D center lid section
 (2) STS5D - 2'W x 5.5'D side lid section
 (1) BAR - standard support bar 
 (4) S2D - 22"W x 2'H SORBER baffle
 (1) Fan - 6", 2-speed, low noise fan
Amount of Sound Reduction:
Clearsonic IsoPac B
IsoPac B is similar to IsoPac A in sound reduction, but is slightly smaller, and allows for the bass drum to be seen in the front.
There are six ClearSonic panels with AX12 extenders in the front, and three S5-2 SORBER baffles in the rear. The acrylic panels are a total of 6.5' tall, and the S5-2 baffles are 5.5' tall, so there is a foot of open space around the rear of the booth allowing for air exchange.