Fountain Tire

Forestry Tires

If a tire rolls in the forest, does anybody hear?
We carry a full line of forestry tires, capable of handling the weight and abuse of all forestry applications. So whether you’re in the business of land clearing, logging or high risk tree removal, we have the perfect tires for all your harvesting, extracting, processing, loading and road building needs.

1. Rugged tread design
2. High tear strength compound in the tread cap
3. ECDII - Enhanced Casing Design
4. Mixed service undertread compound and a cool-running tread base compound
5. Tread depth and cool-running base compound
Built-in sealant helps seal tread punctures
Deep 23/32 inches tread
Severe service compound
Deep, wide circumferential grooves with more than 500 biting edges
1. Rugged casing construction
2. Deep 31/32 tread with
rugged lug configuration
3. Advanced cut-and chip-resistant tread compound
4. Deep undertread
1. Cut- and chip-resistant tread compound formulation
2. Brass-coated steel wire construction
3. Four steel belt package
4. Stone ejector design and tapered tread grooves