Boart Longyear Canada


• Multi-purpose drilling capabilities and uses
• Hydraulic mast raising
• Integrated control panel
• Optional automatic SPT hammer for testing and sampling
• Wide range of available options


The Boart Longyear LX™6 (DB525) is the larger rig in a family of multi-purpose geotechnical rigs capable of wireline and conventional coring, as well as DTH, rotary and auger drilling methods. The LX™6 includes all of the same features as the LX™4 (DB520), but with an upgraded mast for higher depth capacity, and a more powerful drill head for increased torque and speed.


1. Technology
1000 mm mast dump for improved positioning on rough terrain

2. Innovation
Hydraulic side shift for easy rod-pulling and clear access to center line

3. Safety
Standard safety features include a safety cage, low speed and low torque rotation for safe rod management

4. Versality
220 mm double clamp for making and breaking rod joints quickly and safely

5. Drill Anywhere
Powerful steel crawlers ensure mobility on difficult terrain


LX™6 (DB525 Geo-Technical) Drill Technical Overview