Fountain Tire

Line Haul Tires

Long haul driving is not just for any driver. It takes a special individual to be able to haul freight across the country. Admittedly, it also takes a special brand of semi truck tire – which we just happen to carry.

Rib design helps provide long tread wear in waste haul applications
Proprietary compound helps extend casing life in challenging high-scrub conditions.
Tough pick-up and delivery applications where turning, backing and braking are extreme
360-degree wear indicators within sidewall protector ribs
Premium casing
M+S stamped
Aggressive blading
Tie-barred shoulders
Increased wearable tread rubber
Unisteel construction
Innovative Sealant built into the tire seals tread punctures*
Fuel-Saving Compounds
Protective Shoulder Compound
Cool-running, triple compound construction
12/32 inches tread depth
All-steel, four-belt package
Solid shoulder rib and uniquely shaped pressure distribution groove
18/32 tread depth and five-rib construction offer even wear and many miles to removal
Lateral grooves and rib edge sipes enhance traction in wet, icy and snowy conditions
Tread compound for line haul steer applications offers great handling and many miles to removal
Pressure distribution grooves
Mono-groove tread design
Uniquely designed center groove
Low tread void puts more rubber on the road
Advanced decoupling groove
Penetration protectors
Unique shoulder concept
Deep 28/32 non-skid tread
Flatter tread radius
Penetration Protectors
Special blading pattern