American Mine Door

High Pressure Mine Doors

High pressure door highlights:
• Widths up to 24’ and heights up to 20’
• Fast cycle time
• Designed for high cycle applications
• Designed for high WG applications
• Minimal maintenance
• Optional air regulators and sliding man doors can be installed into the door wings.
• Heavy duty construction designed for years of service.
• Can be fully automated with our optional controls packages.
High Pressure Mine Doors

Using a proven and simple design, our “high-pressure” door packages are typically used in high water gauge situations with high traffic requirements.
AMD Co. calculates the amount of force placed upon the proposed door, using water gauge, height, and width to determine the amount of torque. Once we determine the amount of force (the more surface area and the higher the water gauge, the more force required to open and close the door), we advise each customer on proposed door construction (high or low pressure).

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