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Oil and Gas Tires

We’ll handle oil, gas, and whatever else nature throws our way
Whether you’re into oil, gas, or a mixture of the two, Fountain Tire carries a line of oil and gas equipment tires that can withstand all the digging, the plowing and of course, the driving.

1. High mileage tread compound
2. Wide footprint
3. Penetration protectors
4. Flatter tread radius
1. Aggressive blading
2. Tie-barred shoulders
3. Increased wearable tread rubber
4. Unisteel construction
1. The 21/32 tread depth and five-rib tread
2. Sidewall protector ribs
1. Deep 24/32 tread depth and 4-rib tread
2. Rubber-to-void tread ratio
3. Tread groove stone ejectors
4. Sidewall protector ribs
5. All-position versatility