Fountain Tire


Unpaved road? Bring it on.
We’re home to an extensive line of tires for mining trucks and various allā€terrain situations. We’re talking tires specifically designed for loaders, dump trucks, graders, scrapers, haulage, crane and other underground mine services.

Tire Size - 14.00R25. Product Code - 14253. Load Rating - 3*. Weight (lbs) - 398. Trd Depth (32nds) - 47

Tire Size - 23.5-25. Product Code - 6DA923. Load Rating - L20. Weight Rim Width - 19.5.  Overall Width - 26.  Trd Depth - 95.

Combines thicker, self-cleaning lugs in a directional pattern with a low aspect ratio. Greater lateral stability and flotation than conventional aerial lift tyres.

Tire Size - 175R25. Product Code - 152524104. Load Rating - 408.06. Weight. Spd Rating - 176A2.