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Northern Light® All-In-One Polaris Cap Lamp.

The Northern Light Polaris All-In-One, cordless cap lamp is an ultra-bright LED headpiece only with optics designed specifically for the mining environment. The primary LED lamp produces 3500 Lux output from a compact, lightweight lithium ion battery. A secondary LED light source is ideal for close-up viewing needs. 

All-In-One Polaris Cap Lamp

Cordless and Durable

The high capacity lithium Ion battery and LED light are housed in a single, impact, dust and water resistant plastic enclosure. The Polaris can be mounted on any mining or construction hard hat with a fixed or adjustable clip. Headbands, lanyards, neckstraps and magnet mounts are also available.


All-In-One Cordless Polaris Cap Lamp benefits include:

 No Cords
 Weighs only 6 ounces
 Pre-set Beam
 3,500 Lux light output
 LED primary & secondary
 Lithium Ion battery
 Discharge time > 12 hrs
 Lowest cost of ownership – no bulb replacement necessary
 Car charger available


Charging System:

 Optimizes the life of Li-Ion batteries
 Sizes:  Single unit, 24-unit and 48-unit rack
 Available in 120 volt and 220 volt
 12V DC model for vehicle connection


Optional Accessories for the Polaris:

 Adjustable clip
 Neck Strap
 Magnet Mounts
 Tear-away lens protector


Strata Safety Products is an authorized distributor of Northern Light Technologies (NLT) products in the United States. 

MSHA Approval # 19-A100001-0