Becker Varis


“Mine shafts and hoisting infrastructure are the most expensive equipment in a mine to construct and operate” The RopeRanger® can help protect that investment! The RopeRanger® and associated components are fully tested and built tough for the harsh shaft environment and safer, more efficient mine hoisting! 


The latest RF wireless data link and data acquisition microprocessor streams 3D vibration and rope tension to the hoistroom. This provides hoist operators and managers valuable information on shaft and hoist performance and potential safety issues. 



 Easily integrated into existing hoist infrastructure
 Safe hoisting of oversize supplies and heavy equipment
 Decreased risk of serious malfunctions and catastrophic failures
 Assurance hoist is always in MSHA compliance (see subpart R - personnel hoisting)
 Reduces maintenance downtime and costs



The RopeRanger® is a hi-tech version of the "rope rider", a mine employee whose duty is to see that mine cars are coupled safely, and to inspect ropes, chains, links, and all coupling equipment. It mounts directly above the conveyance, using the hoist rope and conveyance as real time “sampling vehicles”.


The RopeRanger® sensor case incorporates:

 An embedded OEM wireless data radio, data acquisition firmware and microprocessors, and “black-box” recording option
 Hoist rope tension, oscillation, 3-d acceleration, and conveyance tilt and vibration sensors.