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Vital Alert

The Vital Alert CanaryLink Through-The-Earth (TTE) Communication system uses very low frequency (“VLF”) and electromagnetic induction to transmit 2-way voice and data through solid rock to fill gaps in mine and tunnel communication systems and provide a reliable wireless backup link for emergency communications.

Vital Alert

Leaders in Through-The-Earth Communication™ 

Whether to extend communications from the core mine network (e.g. leaky feeder) into new or temporary work areas such as the rock face, or to provide non-line-of-sight backup in case of a collapse damaging the network, CanaryLink complements and integrates with existing networks, radio handsets and data equipment.


In an emergency, CanaryLink can provide last resort communications to trapped miners, who can use their existing radio handsets or a direct interface into CanaryLink to talk and text with rescuers above ground or in an accessible area of the mine.


On a day to day basis, CanaryLink is a cost-effective way to extend communications from the core network to temporary work areas as it can be relocated easily as the rock face moves.


CanaryLink can also provide cost-effective connectivity to gas sensors, telemetry, and underground electronics and feed those back to the mine network and the operations center above ground.


Tracking systems can use CanaryLink to transmit the location of people and equipment, keeping those up to date even when primary mine communications fail.


Vital Alert's first product, the CanaryLink C1000 is available now for use in non-IS environments and the Intrinsically Safe C1000-IS is going through MSHA approval. MSHA has assigned a PAR number and C1000-IS is expected to be commercially available in 2012.


A transportable form factor for the C1000 will also be available in 2012 for use in tactical situations. 


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