Wajax Industrial Components

Process Equipment

Whether you work in the food and beverage, oil and gas, power generation, mining or infrastructure sectors, your operations are interdependent. Since downtime in a single process can have a wide range of effects across your whole operation, you need to ensure that your material is properly equipped and maintained.
Wajax Industrial Components represents Canada’s leading source of field-proven products, carries a broad range of mechanical, instrumentation and process control products for fluid processing, filtration and bulk materials handling.

Measurement and Control of your process variables is essential to keep your equipment running within safe parameters and your process optimized from start to finish. 

The spectrum of capabilities offered by Wajax Industrial Components filtration products provides an impressive array of solutions to most purification problems.

Wajax Industrial Components carries a wide range of pump types that are specific to your application

Your material handling equipment has to keep your operations running, so it has to run smoothly and minimize downtime.