Wajax Industrial Components

Filtration Products

Filtration Products
Wajax Industrial Components offers a broad range of Filtration products that deliver quality and cost-effective performance.
The spectrum of capabilities offered by Wajax Industrial Components filtration products provides an impressive array of solutions to most purification problems.

Typical Applications
Wajax Industrial Components products are used in both liquid and gas service providing retention ranging from particulate removal to sterile filtration in critical applications. Wajax Industrial Components provides filtration and separation solutions for a wide range of industrial processes including:
• Paint & Coatings
• General Industrial
• Petrochemical/Chemical
• Oil & Gas Processing
• Electronics

Typical Equipment
• Bags
• Bag filters
• Housings
• Cartridges
• Strainers
Filtration Products

• Bag Filters
• Depth and Pleated Filter Cartridges
• Industrial & Sanitary Filter Housings
• Membrane Filters

Air/Gas Particulate & Coalescing Filters

Fluid Engineering
• Simplex, Duplex & Automatic Strainers
• Y-Strainers
• Jonell Inc.

• Carbon Canister
• Coalescing Filters
• Pleated Paper