Boart Longyear Canada


Whether a mining operation is in the development or production stage, the right equipment is critical. Boart Longyear™ designs and manufactures some of the most technologically advanced production products in the industry. From hand-held pneumatic drills to compact production drills, we offer a range of innovative production equipment that can carry out any job.

Developed in conjunction with our own drilling services division, the Boart Longyear's StopeMate™ pneumatic production drill is extremely compact—small enough to be loaded into a lift cage.

The larger, more robust StopeMaster™ hydraulic production drill is designed for bulk mining applications.

Double head Rotary-Rotary systems are a preferred method for drilling straight, deep holes.

The S250 hand-held pneumatic rock drill has been designed with an ideal power-to-weight ratio to ensure maximum production in development and stoping applications.