Wajax Industrial Components

Rigid Frame Haul Trucks

With our broad product offering, national infrastructure, engineering expertise and technical services, Wajax Industrial Components provides a single and complete source of supply.

The EH5000AC-3 is Hitachi’s largest rigid-frame hauler ever. It combines our time-proven hauler technology with our brand new, high-efficiency Advanced IGBT AC-Drive system. It’s one of the most technologically advanced mining trucks on the market, and it helps raise profits by lowering fuel and maintenance costs. It doesn’t just get work done – it gets more work done.

What happens when you combine our time-proven truck technology with our newest and most efficient Advanced IGBT AC-Drive system? You get the EH3500AC-3, one of the most technologically advanced mining trucks in the world. Unlike all other competitors, the entire EH3500AC-3 AC-drive system is designed, built and supported by the same company – Hitachi. As a result, it outperforms previous and competitive systems through its simplicity, improved efficiency, and enhanced dependability.