Würth Canada Limited

Rust Stop Primer

Active corrosion protection for metallic surfaces

Rust Stop Primer
Good adhesive properties
• Adheres to aluminum, bare and galvanized metal sheets, steel, old paint, etc.
Quick drying
• Depending on layer thickness, can already be painted over after 10-15 min.
Thermally stable up to 80 °C, and briefly up to 140 °C
Can be sanded well
• Solvent reduced.
• Complies with VOC maximum content specified in the VOC Directive (1999/13/EC)
*Volatile Organic Compound
Active corrosion protection and adhesive primer with good adhesive properties on a wide variety of surfaces, including in conjunction with PU and MS polymer sealing compounds.
Vehicle construction, ship building, metal and steel construction, tool manufacturing, bridge building, tank construction, pipeline construction, container construction, agriculture and forestry, municipal management, construction machines, etc.