Schneider Electric

Communicating Sensors

A wide range of flexible and reliable communicating sensors used with existing and previous Schneider Electric building management controllers.

Communicating Sensors
Look and feel for every taste
Many configurations available: Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 with large ranges of sensors
With or without interface that includes colored touch screen, LCD screen, or buttons
Set-points, override, fan speed, mode
PIR motion detection option
Two wires to RJ45 options for quick installation
Up to four sensors per controller
A Bluetooth® adapter is available for commissioning and service on some sensors
USB communication port on some controllers
State-of-the-art technology to ensure reliability and accuracy
Easy Installation and Commissioning
Covering a wide range of existing or previous Schneider Electric controllers (TAC, VISTA, CONTINUUM)
Override capabilities allow occupants to switch to timed occupied mode for after-hours operation
Stocking flexibility due to modularity: sensor bases are compatible with different covers
Many options matching all retrofit needs
Optimized for public facilities such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls
BMS Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 Sensing
Wide range of HVAC applications
Integrated BMS solutions
Retrofit projects