Schneider Electric

Peripheral Sensors

The peripheral Sensors included occupancy sensor, light sensor and door/window sensor control energy waste while secure level of comfort.

Peripheral Sensors
Occupancy sensors:
These sensors have an adjustable time delay and utilize passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies that enables precise control of lighting in a building.
Low profile, wall and ceiling mount options to fit a wide variety of commercial building applications, helping to reduce energy consumption and control energy waste
Light Level Sensors:
The light transmitter is delivered as a complete unit, comprised of the sensing element and an amplifier mounted in a housing
It converts a lux measurement into an output signal or electric current signal
The sensitivity peak is for light at an angle of incidence of 0° to the perpendicular.
Occupancy sensors:
Motion-activated lighting control devices keep costs down by preventing wasteful and unnecessary use of energy used to light a defined space up to 2000 square feet
Light Level Sensors:
The light level sensor has the same spectrum sensitivity peak as the human eye ensuring safety
Lighting control
Light level sensor can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications to help drive efficiencies and safety