XD Series

 Our Rhino XD Series Rockbreaker Systems are purposely built to handle the rigors of underground applications that are subject to torsional loading, side bending, vibration and shock loads. It shows in our choice of industry-leading components, and our attention to operator ergonomics to provide maximum efficiency, so you get the job done right the first time.

XD Series
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Powerpack (available in required local voltage) with load sensed hydraulic circuit, pressure and return filtration, and environmental drip tray





Gas cylinders to assist in lifting inspection cover for ease of serviceability and added safety






Heavy steel gauge operator cab with safety glass, sound proofing barrier, air conditioning, and intake filtration





Steel base designed to properly anchor rockbreaker system, and for quick and easy replacement of fasteners to pedestal




Available options

• Manual or automatic fire supression system

• Central manual or automatic greasing system

• Powerpack starter panels

• Powerpack heating elements for cold weather applications

• Ergonomic suspension operator seat with joystick controls mounted in armrest