Boart Longyear Canada

Surface Coring

Boart Longyear is recognized world-wide as the industry leader in exploration drilling technology. Manufacturing diamond core drills for a broad range of surface applications, we offer solutions for shallow and deep hole drilling with small or large diameter core, for both wireline and conventional drilling, and a variety of mounting options such as trailer, crawler, truck mount and flyable versions to suit many applications.
With over 120 years of experience, and an integrated world-class drilling services organization, Boart Longyear has developed and introduced some of the most advanced drilling technology on the market.

The LF™70, one of the most recognized small-format drills in the industry, is a flyable rig with a depth capacity of 700 m that can be assembled in less than an hour.

Modeled after the LF™70 surface coring rig, the LF™90C features a larger power pack, increasing its depth capacity to 930 m.

Designed to operate in remote locations, the LF™130F coring rig is the only rig in its class that offers large diameter PQ™ drilling capabilities.

The largest of the LF™ series, the LF™230 not only provides more power to drill deeper, but also has 9 m rod pull capability for increased productivity.