Boart Longyear Canada


• 132 kN pullback, 1.8m stroke direct coupled feed cylinder
• Heliportable, modular design with largest load under 680 kg
• Rod handling
• Self contained operator panel with lift-to-shift control levers
• Hollow spindle rotation unit with 4-speed transmission (HQ & PQ configurations available)
• Nitro-Chuck™ with 222 kN holding capacity
• PQ footclamp, spring close / hydraulic open for failsafe operation


Designed to operate in remote locations, the LF™130F coring rig is the only rig in its class that offers large diameter PQ™ drilling capabilities.

The LF™130F is heliportable-breaking down into 11 lifting points and quick-connect hydraulic couplings to ensure quick and reliable setup and breakdown.

1. Proven Performance and Reliability
Based on our LM (underground) drill technology, the LF™130F utilizes hydraulic sequencing and brings unmatched operator control.

2. Powerful
PQ capacity with 5456 Nm of torque and 128 kN pull back.

3. Rod Handling
Load rods at the same comfortable height every time independent of drilling angle.

4. Modular Design
Easily breaks-down into eleven modules. (max lift is 680 kg)


LF™130F Surface Coring Drill Technical Overview