Boart Longyear Canada


• CAT 246C skid steer with 54 kW CAT 3044C DIT Diesel Engine
• Direct drive feed frame with 40kN pullback and 1.1m standard feed stroke
• BQ™ (HQ™ optional) rotation unit with chuck assembly
• BQ™ (HQ™ optional) foot clamp; spring close and hydraulic open
• Lightweight Control Panel with variable controls
• Integrated water pump Integrated compact positioner with 360 degree turntable
• Automatic fire suppression unit for CAT skid steer
• Optional 500m (1,640 ft) wireline winch


This version of the LM™30SS (Skid Steer) drill uses a CAT 346C Skid Steer carrier to power and transport the drill components. A compact, mobile unit that ensures quick set up time and ease of moving from site to site. The rig utilizes a standard LM30 drill rig and is powered by the 54 kW, CAT 3044C DIT diesel engine. This drill uses the same lightweight control panel and hydraulic system is the same as that on modular LM30. The drill comes integrated with a positioned and a turntable which enables it to drill holes in all angles from vertically up to vertically down.


1. Mobile Unit
The compact and mobile unit ensures quick setup time and ease of moving from site to site

2. Variable Controls
Variable controls to ensure smooth operation throughout the operating range

3. Direct Coupled Feed Frame
Direct coupled feed frame reduces maintenance requirements

4. High Pressure Breakout
Breakout system features high pressure circuit to effortlessly break rod joints

5. Integrated Positioner and Turnable
Integrated positioner and turntable allow for 360 degrees and up/down drilling with ease

6. Fail-Safe Rod Clamp
Spring-close and hydraulic open rod clamp ensures fail safe operation in case of a burst hose

7. Smart Hedraulics
Smart hydraulics with synchronized control between rotation unit and foot clamp allow for faster and safer rod handling.


LM™3o Skid Steer Underground Core Drill Technical Overview

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