Boart Longyear Canada


• Standard Power Pack with 55kW electric motor. 75kW or 90kW electric motor available as option.
• Standard Self contained control panel with stand and e-stop.
• Compact positioner with 360 degree turntable.
• HQ (BQ™ optional) rotation unit with chuck assembly.
• HQ (BQ™ optional) rod clamp; spring close and hydraulic open.


The LM™55 is a compact drill rig for underground diamond coring. It is equipped with a 40kN feed frame for drilling short holes. Its compact size and power make it a versatile drill to be used in locations where space is a premium. It is modular in design with a number of options which make it easier to tailor to specific needs and to upgrade when requirements change. With the assistance of a positioner and a turntable, the drill is capable of drilling holes in all angles from vertically up to vertically down. The drill uses an electric motor to power the hydraulics on the machine.

Direct drive feed frame with 40kN pullback and 1.7m standard feed stroke. Optional 1.1m feed stroke for confined spaces.


1. Load Sensing Hydraulics
Load sensing hydraulics maximize efficiency and reduce heat

2. Proportional Controls
Proportional controls and lock levers provide optimum control of rpm and feed

3. High Torque Breakout
Automated high torque break out device breaks most rod joints automatically

4. Fail Safe Rod Clamp
Hydraulic open and spring close rod clamp results in fail safe operation

5. Direct Coupled Feed Frame
Direct coupled feed frame results in lower maintenance and smoother feed transmission

6. Semi-Automated Rod Handling (Optional-Not Pictured)
Semi-automated rod handler (optional) makes handling of rods safer and easier.


LM™55 Underground Drill Technical Overview