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Waldon 8500C

Presented by MND Equipment
The 8500C is the most compact and powerful loader of its capacity available. Change the front end attachment and you have a heavy duty forklift designed for large capacity industrial and rough terrain material handling in confined areas.
In either capacity, the 8500C frame can handle incredible amounts of rugged 24/7 use for the decades to come.

The 8500C is designed for severe duty use in heavy industry, agriculture, construction, landscaping and other applications where a combination of manoeuvrability, flexibility and power is of utmost importance.  With a turbocharged Cummins QSB 4.5 four-cylinder engine powering the 8500C a drawbar pull of 12,000 lbs., and a top forward speed of 12 mph this machine is powerful, quick, versatile and efficient. In short, the 8500C is impressive.
Loader Features
• 1.5 Yard Bucket
• 4,040 lbs. SAE Operating Capacity
• 94 in. Clearance Height
• 13,800 lbs. SAE Breakout Force
• 115 HP Diesel Cummins engine
Forklift Features
With operating capacities ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 lbs. this line of forklifts has something for everyone. The combination of 4-wheel drive and solid Waldon design ensure they can tackle anything. Up steep grades and through sludge, mud or snow, is where you find these rugged units at work.