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MagCode Power Systems

Product Features
• Latest high tech design
• Stable connection
• 100% short-circuit-proof
• Easy to install
• Minimal mounting depth(port)
• Up to 25A current load
• Dust and water resistant
• Easy to clean
• Novel coded system to avoid mixing 12V and 24V products
Additional Features – Power System Plus:
• Suitable for high current loads
• Greater security (higher separation forces)
• No arcing
Power Outlet Systems
MagCode Power Systems are revolutionary power outlet systems for 12 and 24V DC circuits. Unlike conventional connectors, MagCode Power Systems utilise magnetically coded flat contacts, delivering safe power across modular components far superior to the ubiquitous cigarette lighter sockets.
Both port (outlet) and clip (connector) feature powerful magnets with integral switching function ensuring a stable connection  and safe power supply. Other metal objects or permanent magnets cannot energise the contacts at any time, making the outlet completely safe and 100% short-circuit-proof.
MagCode Power System Plus for higher power circuits features an additional mechanical twist lock offering greater security (higher separation forces) and reliable prevention of arcing. The mechanical twist lock ensures that the automatic switching does not occur before the outside contact is securely fastened, thus effectively eliminating problems associated with arcing.
MagCode Power Systems are dust and water resistant, easy to clean and suitable for straightforward retrofitting a vast range of applications. Their advanced technology and superior design makes MagCode Power Systems the ideal exterior connector on vehicles under conditions of sustained charging and high current load. They are available in 12V DC and 24V DC variants; the magnets of the two voltage variants are coded differently to avoid mix-ups.