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Engineered Tunnel Segment Gaskets

VIP-Heinke has unrivalled expertise in seal design and elastomer technology, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elastomer gaskets for the segmental lining of tunnels, commonly known as tunnel segment gaskets (TSGs). 
TSGs, which are located in precast grooves encircling the mating faces of each segment, give a secure rubber-to-rubber waterproof seal as soon as the segments are bolted together. The low compression set and stress relaxation values of the elastomeric compound used in their manufacture enable elastomeric TSGs to recover under reduced applied load thereby maintaining a positive seals between segments despite ground movements. 
VIP-Heinke manufacture a range of TSGs designed for precast concrete, steel and cast iron segments used in the lining of tunnels or shafts and large mains sewers. All are precision engineered to meet the precise requirements of individual projects. 
Elastomeric TSGs provide an economic and effective solution for sealing tunnels and shafts against water ingress. Compared to other sealing methods, elastomeric TSG's offer many benefits.

VIP-Heinke's Tunnel Segment Gaskets:
• are easy to install
• create an effective seal when bolts are tightened, immediately creating dry joints
• assure an effective seal despite ground movement and alternating wet and dry conditions
• have a proven reliability, eliminating the need for costly remedial work to seal leaks after construction
• have a proven track record of durability, being resistant to chemical attack and microbiological degradation