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Underground rescue operations require the use of specific and specialized equipment for mine rescue teams. The purchasing of equipment is done centrally to ensure standardization between districts and mines. All personnel trained in mine rescue in Ontario are familiar with the equipment below. This allows teams to aid and assist each other without the fear of not being able to adequately operate rescue equipment.

The Drager BG4 is a self-contained, closed-circuit breathing apparatus that provides up to four hours of breathing air.

The unit provides a safe and effective means of providing demand breathing or artificial ventilation to casualties suffering respiratory difficulties or cardiac arrest.

It is a sturdy, battery-powered, handheld device to monitor gas concentrations - carbon monoxide, methane and oxygen, during underground emergencies. 

The SP2 is a rope rescue system that allows rescuers to be lowered vertically or horizontally from one level to another, or for raising victims to a surface area.