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North American Aluminum Trends 2015
Event Details
RU is delighted to announce details of the 22nd North American AluminumTrends Conference on the 8-10 March. Following many years of hosting the event in Miami we have decided to host 2015 at the Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston.
This well established conference will once again attract leading industry experts and CRU’s respected analysts to tackle the most challenging issues facing the industry. The event has provided a reliable annual source of market and price information for long term planning and for short term risk management purposes for over 22 years. This year’s meeting will be held in South Carolina for the first time, a fitting location due to its importance in the smelting, rolling and consumption of aluminium in the US. Join us next spring for concise analysis on short term market and price trends and longer term views on supply and demand.
Confirmed speakers
Dr Roger Boggs, Founder and CEO, American Specialty Alloys
Chester Rousch, CEO, JW Aluminum
Paul Williams, Manager, Aluminum, CRU 
Ed Meir, Metal Analyst, Intl FC stone
Charlie Durant, Principal Consultant, CRU 
Matt Chamberlin, Head of Strategy and Implementation, LME 
Mike Southwood, Senior Consultant, Aluminum, CRU
Topics to be covered:
• Will the increasing amount of surplus power in North America lead to new smelting capacity? 
• Is the market being manipulated?
• What is the outlook for premiums?  
• Will the stocks time bomb blow up? 
• Exploring availability projections for can stock. Will autobody sheet conversion trends gather pace? 
• Where the value is. The outlook for automotive and aerospace
• Substitution: Could steel or composites ruin the party? 
• By how much is China’s economic growth slowing – how big is the risk for aluminum demand?
• Will the dollar continue to strengthen and what would the impact on the North American Aluminum Industry be? 
• What is the outlook for scrap – will there be enough to go around? 
Contact Us
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7903 2444
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7903 2432
Email: conferences@crugroup.com
Sunday, March 08 - 10, 2015
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