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Encanto Potash Corp. (EPO) has been working with its First Nations partners for the past four years to establish significant potash resources. EPO has a 100% interest in the Muskowekwan Potash Project underlying 61,400 acres.
IC Potash Corp. (ICP-TSX, ICPTF-OTCQX) intends to become a primary producer of Sulphate of Potash (SOP) by mining its 100%-owned Ochoa property in southeast New Mexico, a highly advanced polyhalite mineral deposit.
Potash West (ASX:PWN) is an exploration company focused on developing extensive greensand deposits in Western Australia’s Perth Basin. The Company aims to define a substantial resource base and investigate how best to recover potash, phosphate and other minerals from the greensand. 
Mining technique – conventional underground. Mining depth – 1,021 meters. Nameplate capacity – 1.361 million tonnes KCl. Operational capability (2013) – 2.6 million tonnes KCl
The sylvite (potash) deposits of Saskatchewan formed over 350 million years ago as a result of the final stage of evaporative concentration of sea water in a middle Devonian sea.
Legacy is a greenfield project for the setting up of a potash production on the basis of solution mining in the south of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. With Legacy K+S will be the only potash producer with large and own production facilities on two continents. 
Patience Lake potash mine is located near the city of Saskatoon in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. At Patience Lake potash is mined in situ by using a solution mining method where hot water is pumped through drillholes into the underground potash deposit and the resulting brine is then recovered through another set of drillholes and...
The Rocanville mine site is located 18 km east of the community of Rocanville in south-east Saskatchewan, Canada.
SQM, a worldwide company based in Chile and founded in 1968, has today a strong global presence in a wide variety of industries and applications through its five business lines: Specialty Plant Nutrition, Iodine and derivatives, Lithium and derivatives, Industrial Chemicals and Potassium.
PotashCorp owns and operates a potash mine in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. Production at the Penobsquis mine started in 1986. The mine was acquired by PotashCorp in 1993.