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Amex consolidating exploration zones at Perron

Apr 24, 2024

Amex Exploration Inc. is pleased to announce that after continuing to advance its geological understanding on the Perron Project, further drilling identified similarities between the Team Zone, 210 and E3 gold zones, therefore making it logical to combine the three. The consolidated gold zones will retain the name Team Zone, which creates one larger mineralized corridor straddling the Normétal fault on the northeastern side of the Beaupré Block. The decision is geologically driven as all three zones display remarkable similarity in their lithologies, structures and mineralization style.

The company is also pleased to announce further drill results from these zones. With up to 14 known zones across the Perron property, this decision will improve simplicity and will save time in the ongoing modelling process and drill data compilation. 

Drill Highlights Include:

210 Gold Zone (which from now will form part of Team Zone)

  • PE-22-586 returned 11.50 m of 4.57 g/t Au, including 3.00 m of 10.72 g/t Au at a vertical depth of ~115 m in the 210 Gold Zone; 
  • PE-23-639 returned 19.10 m of 3.23 g/t Au, including 1.40 m of 29.76 g/t Au at a vertical depth of ~190 m in the 210 Gold Zone;

Team Zone

  • PE-23-680 returned 7.30 m of 4.97 g/t Au, including 0.50 m of 54.12 g/t Au at a vertical depth of ~35 m in the Team Gold Zone;
  • PE-23-702 returned 2.10 m of 23.10 g/t Au, including 0.55 m of 83.98 g/t Au at a vertical depth of ~270 m in the Team Gold Zone;

Jacques Trottier, PhD, Executive Chairman of Amex Exploration commented, "The combination of these three gold zones is an important milestone on the Perron Project. As we've continued to add more drilling into this area and as our modelling work has advanced, it became clear that the three zone were geologically, structurally and spatially related. The larger consolidated Team Zone now covers a strike length of approximately 1.4 km and remains open to the northwest, southeast and at depth. Amex plans to add significant meterage to the Team Zone as we believe we have only just begun to unlock its value."

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Figure 1: Geological map of the Perron Project, showing each of the significant mineralized zones identified to date, including the newly consolidated Team Gold Zone.

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