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Amex significantly expands along strike with results of up to 78.62 g/t Au over 5.9m

Feb 8, 2022

"As one can clearly see from the new longitudinal section, this batch of drill holes significantly expands the strike and the high grade core of the HGZ with a metal factor of more than 50 (g/t Au x core length in metres)," Jacques Trottier, PhD, Executive Chairman of Amex Exploration said.

" As we tighten the drill spacing, we see the Western (shallower) zone developing a much higher grade profile than previously thought. We are also seeing a much larger envelope of gold mineralization surrounding the high-grade central core of the zone than previously thought. On the Eastern (deeper) portion of the zone, we are seeing consistent high-grade mineralization essentially from the top of the Eastern portion (~325 vertical metres) to the bottom of the defined area (~1,200 vertical metres) and are also expanding the horizontal footprint of the zone."

Amex Exploration Inc. has announced a total of 34 drill holes focused on the expansion and definition of gold mineralization on High Grade Zone ("HGZ") of the Perron project ("Perron" or the "Project").

Today's results consist of drill holes focused largely on expansion and definition of both the Eastern (deeper) and Western (shallower) portions of the HGZ. The HGZ now stands at more than 300 m along strike to a depth of 1,200 m. On the Western portion, as shown in Figures 2 & 3, Amex targeted on-strike expansion as well as infilling the lower portions of the zone, which resulted in a significantly increased strike length as indicated by holes PE-21-439 and PE-21-441 as well as an increase of grade as indicated by holes PE-21-405, PE-21-444, PE-21-438, PE-21-366W1, and PE-21-410W1. On the Eastern portion, as shown in Figures 2 & 4, Amex completed definition drilling within the core of the zone as well as on-strike expansion towards the late-stage diabase dike as indicated by holes PE-21-412, PE-21-419, PE-21-426, PE-21-380, PE-21-380W1, PE-21-442, and PE-21-417W2. 


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