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Argo Gold confirms high-grade structures and VG at all target areas at Uchi Gold Project

Dec 2, 2020

Argo Gold Inc. is pleased to report the results of its expanded 2020 field season at the Uchi Gold Project near Red Lake which consisted of mechanical stripping of overburden, hydraulic washing and diamond-saw channel sampling at Woco, Northgate and Raingold. The 2020 field season has uncovered high-grade gold mineralization at all areas and confirms multiple mineralized trends at the Uchi Gold Project.


Composites from diamond-saw channel sampling results include;

- 1.1 metres of 10.4 g/t Au and 0.55 metres of 58.2 g/t Au, across the Woco zone

- 4.9 m metres of 7.1 g/t Au, 5.35 metres of 4.1 g/t Au, 1.65 metres of 43.5 g/t Au, 1.65 metres of 40.1 g/t Au, 1.6 metres of 37.7 g/t Au and 0.65 metres of 77.5g/t Au across the Northgate zone

- 2.3 metres of 31.2 g/t Au, 1.9 metres of 29.8 g/t Au, 1.9 metres of 10.3 g/t Au, 2.65 metres of 5.4 g/t Au, 2.6 metres of 5.5g/t and 1 metre of 21.2 g/t Au across the Raingold zone

Channel sampling results are also on the appended maps.


Argo Gold's flagship Uchi Gold Project showed multi-ounce per tonne intercepts over a mineable width at a relatively shallow depth at both Woco and Northgate during the Winter 2019 drill program. The two kilometre trend between Woco and Northgate is considered highly prospective. 

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