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Beauce Gold Fields extends trenching at 1960s Gold Dredging Operation

Nov 9, 2020

Beauce Gold Fields has completed nine more trenches east of St-Gustave road around the site that was once the starting point of the 1960s gold dredging operation on the company's Beauce gold property located in the municipality of Saint-Simon-les-Mines in the Beauce region of Quebec. 

Patrick Levasseur, President and CEO of Beauce Gold Fields said, "The St-Gustave zone was the site of the largest placer gold dredging operation in eastern North America." Mr. Levasseur further states, "We are the first exploration company to sample this historic gold anomaly." 

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Figure 1. Location of St-Gustave Trenches and path of Yuba Dredge

Active from 1958 to 1964, the Beauce Placer Company was the only major placer gold mining operation in eastern North America. To mine the deposit, the Company purchased a floating Yuba dredging plant. The four storey high, 800-ton dredge was dismantled in Idaho and transported in 25 train cars to the Beauce region. It was then assembled and floated in a dredge pit south of the Gilbert river just East of Rang St-Gustave road, around the site where BGF is currently trenching. A Lima Electric Dragline was used to strip the glacial till overburden. The Yuba dredged southward the placer gold channel from the pit to the middle of the Rang Chaussegros property. 

Reference to the historical placer gold deposit does not comply with the CIM reporting standards National Instrument 43-101 for mineral resources or reserves and should not be relied upon. While the Company considers historical estimates and the calculated Gold Exploration Target* for the entire historical placer channel to be relevant to investors as it may indicate the presence of mineralization, the Company is not treating these historical estimates as a current mineral resource. 


In accordance with the agreement between BGF and Agora Internet Relations Corp., entered into on August 1, 2020 for the term ending July 31, 2021, BGF board has approved the issuance of 86,923 common shares at a deemed price of $0.13 per share to pay $11,300 for services rendered during the period ending October 31, 2020. Each share issued pursuant to the debt settlement will have a mandatory four (4) month and one (1) day holding period from the date of closing. 

About Beauce Gold Fields 

Beauce Gold Fields is a gold exploration company focused on placer to hard rock exploration in the Beauce region of Southern Quebec. The Company's flagship property is the St-Simon-les-Mines Gold project site of Canada's first gold rush that pre-dates the Yukon Klondike. The Beauce region hosted some of the largest historical placer gold mines in Eastern North America that were active from 1860s to the 1960s. It produced the largest gold nuggets in Canadian mining history (50oz to 71oz).

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