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Benton amends Far Lake Agreement with Thunder Gold Corp.

Jul 18, 2022

Benton Resources Inc. has amended its agreement with Thunder Gold Corp. (formerly White Metal Resources Corp.) ("TGOL") regarding the Far Lake project located 80km west of Thunder Bay. 

Pursuant to the Amending Agreement, the Company may exercise the Initial Option, earning a 60% interest in the Property by paying $25,000 and issuing 200,000 shares to TGOL (originally $30,000 and 400,000 shares). By July 15, 2022. The Second Option in the original agreement has been eliminated such that the Company is limited to earning a 60% in the Property.

Having exercised the Initial Option, the Company will now spend the first $150,000 in exploration expenditures within 24 months, thereafter the Company and TGOL will form a joint venture with terms consistent with usual industry practice for further development of the Property, with the Company having an initial 60% interest and TGOL having an initial 40% interest in the joint venture. The agreement governing the joint venture will contain provisions which provide for dilution for non-participation in programs including a provision for participant's interest to be converted to a 2% net smelter returns royalty (the "NSR") if its interest is diluted to less than 10% interest, half of which can be purchased by the non-diluted party for $1 million at any time. 


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