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Benz Mining reveals high grade lithium at Ruby Hill West

Feb 4, 2022

"These are excellent results that identify high grade lithium mineralisation over a large outcropping area at Ruby Hill West, with additional high-value rubidium, caesium and tantalum credits," CEO, Xavier Braud, said. "Looking into satellite imagery and airborne magnetics data, we can see that the outcrop is surrounded by a very large prospective area which has been virtually unexplored apart from sporadic helicopter supported field visits. This area has never received a drill hole."

Importantly, the lithium pegmatite at RHW is hosted in the greenstones, near the contact with younger felsic plutonic rocks which are most likely to be the source of the pegmatite fluids. This is a geological setting shared by many lithium pegmatite deposits such as Pilgangoora or Kathleen Valley in Western Australia. At Ruby Hill West, Benz controls over 35 strike kilometres of such a contact - an incredibly large area which presents a significant opportunity for Benz.

I keep repeating myself saying how little exploration the Upper Eastmain greenstone belt has seen - this is essentially virgin ground for discoveries. Right now, we have confirmed one mineralised pegmatite occurrence, however no one has previously looked for these systems and thus, no systematic work has been conducted to chase those pegmatites, until now. 

We'll be drilling this pegmatite occurrence as soon as the weather allows - we anticipate towards the end of March/April. During the summer, a prospecting campaign will be prepared to investigate this area and along the northern contact of the greenstone belt for additional LCT pegmatites."

Benz Mining Corp. has announced assay results from its rock chips sampling campaign at the Ruby Hill West lithium prospect. 

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Figure 1: Helicopter view of the Ruby Hill West lithium pegmatite outcrop with selected assay results

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Figure 2: RHW lithium occurrence map with grab (rock chips) samples assay results, interpreted pegmatite outline and planned 2022 drilling with traces, over satellite image.

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