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Canada Nickel Announces $24 million Investment deal with Anglo American

Feb 8, 2023

 Canada Nickel Company Inc. and  Anglo American have entered into a Subscription Agreement valued at approximately $24 million investment in Canada Nickel at a price of $1.95 per Common Share, with a 10% premium to the 30-day volume weighted average price (VWAP).  Upon completion of the private placement, Anglo American will own 9.9% of Canada Nickel's issued and outstanding Common Shares on a non-diluted basis. 

 Anglo American is leading global mining company with a portfolio of world-class competitive operations and a broad range of future development options. 

Canada Nickel has also agreed to enter into a binding Offtake Term Sheet with Anglo American under which Anglo American will have an exclusive right to purchase up to ten per cent (10%) of recoveries of nickel concentrate, iron and chromium contained in the magnetite concentrates and any corresponding carbon credits derived from the Crawford Nickel Project, in Timmins, Ontario.  Canada Nickel has also agreed to enter into a Material Transfer and Technology Testing Agreement with Anglo American to assess opportunities to add value to Crawford from its FutureSmart Mining™ technology program.

"We are very pleased to welcome Anglo American, a leading global mining company, as a cornerstone investor in Canada Nickel.  Today's announcement is another key milestone as we advance Crawford towards production." said Mark Selby, Chair & CEO of Canada Nickel.  "Our team is looking forward to working with Anglo American to identify opportunities to apply their industry leading mining innovation technology to add additional value to Crawford."

Under the terms of the agreements, Anglo American will receive ore samples from Canada Nickel for testing, using technologies from Anglo American's FutureSmart Mining™ programme, with the aim of assessing opportunities to improve processing recoveries and reduce the project's overall energy, water and emission footprint.

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These agreements contain customary investor rights.  As of closing, Anglo American will have a pro rata right in any future issuance of Common Shares or any securities that are or may become convertible, exchangeable or exercisable into Common Shares to maintain its shareholding as long as they hold 7.5% or more of the issued and outstanding shares of the Company.  Anglo American will also have the right to nominate one member to the Company's Technical Committee and ESG Committee.  If Anglo American holds 15% or more of the issued and outstanding shares, Anglo American will have the right to nominate one director to the Company's board of directors. 

The agreement addresses the collaboration between Canada Nickel and Anglo American to identify opportunities to utilize Anglo American's FutureSmart Mining™ programme to improve processing recoveries and reduce the project's overall water, energy and emission footprint.  This Agreement will remain in force until 12 months after the delivery of a sample of ore in an amount of at least one hundred (100) tonnes by Canada Nickel to Anglo American, expected by 2024.  For the duration of this agreement, Canada Nickel agrees to deal exclusively with Anglo American in those areas where FutureSmart Mining™ technologies apply.

This binding term sheet grants offtake rights to Anglo American for approximately 10% of the Company's metal production and carbon credits from the Crawford project until the delivery of 65kt of nickel or a term of 15 years, whichever is later.  The offtake is based on customary marketing terms and will be based on market terms for the specific products produced.  If Canada Nickel utilizes any of the Anglo American technologies, Anglo American shall have the offtake rights to 100% of the incremental quantity of nickel products, related products, and carbon credits produced utilizing these technologies.

The completion of the private placement and related agreements is subject to customary closing conditions including the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange and is targeted to close on or about February 28, 2023.

This investment is a first step in financing Crawford and complements the previously announced ongoing work by our financial advisors at Deutsche Bank and Scotiabank.  The Company has taken a number of steps during the past few months to advance Crawford to construction through the achievement of multiple permitting milestones, the appointment of project equity advisors, and the appointment of a project debt finance advisor expected in the coming month.

About Canada Nickel Company
Canada Nickel Company Inc. is advancing the next generation of nickel-sulphide projects to deliver nickel required to feed the high growth electric vehicle and stainless steel markets. Canada Nickel Company has applied in multiple jurisdictions to trademark the terms NetZero NickelTM, NetZero CobaltTM, NetZero IronTM and is pursuing the development of processes to allow the production of net zero carbon nickel, cobalt, and iron products. Canada Nickel provides investors with leverage to nickel in low political risk jurisdictions. Canada Nickel is currently anchored by its 100% owned flagship Crawford Nickel-Cobalt Sulphide Project in the heart of the prolific Timmins-Cochrane mining camp. 

For more information, please visit www.canadanickel.com. and www.angloamerican.com

For further information, please contact:
Mark Selby
Chair and CEO
Phone: 647-256-1954
Email: info@canadanickel.com   

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