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Canada Nickel massively expanding plans for Timmins-area operations

Apr 30, 2024

By Kevin Vincent

While an actual production date is still somewhere off in the distance, nothing seems to be slowing down the freight train known as Canada Nickel.
The company has secured major investments from international brands like Samsung and Agnico Eagle and announced plans through its subsidiary NetZero Metals Inc. to build not one, but two processing facilities in the Timmins area.
The string of news to start 2024 has raised eyebrows but that doesn’t seem to phase CEO Mark Selby. In addition to its well-known Crawford discovery, the company is actively targeting two other properties, Bannockburn which is 100 km south of Timmins and most recently, Mann Central which is 22 km east of the main Crawford discovery.


Canada Nickel picture Mark Selby
Pictured is Canada Nickel Company CEO Mark Selby announcing plans to build two processing plants in Timmins.


Bannockburn consists of 151 claims totaling 3,250 hectares. Bannockburn is situated near the company’s Sothman, Midlothian, Van Hise, and Powell properties forming what it calls a southern cluster of highly prospective targets near established infrastructure in Matachewan approximately 20 kilometres east of the project area.
“The five Canada Nickel holes drilled to infill the “B” Zone successfully intersected multi-hundred metre intervals of 0.27-0.29% nickel and more importantly, each contained higher grade intervals of 0.3% nickel or better,” said Selby. “The Bannockburn “B” Zone has now been tested for its total 1.1-kilometre strike length with multiple intervals in excess of 0.3% nickel from both previous and current drilling. Bannockburn is highly complementary to our southern cluster of properties at Sothman, Midlothian, Van Hise and Powell.”
The Mann Property is 20 kilometres south of Cochrane, and 45 kilometres northeast of Timmins, covering Mann Township. The property contains three large ultramafic bodies, each of which has a target geophysical footprint larger than Crawford at 1.6 km2.
Mann Northwest has a target footprint of 6.0 km2; Mann Central is 3.1 km2 and Mann Southeast is 4.1 km2. Mann Northwest is on the same trend to mineralized ultramafics in Reaume Township while Mann Southeast connects to a long ultramafic sill in Newmarket Township, both properties being owned by Canada Nickel. The total trend from Reaume to Newmarket exceeds 25 kilometres as various units.
“Mann is an exceptionally large property with ultramafic targets extending beyond the township from Reaume through Mann and into Newmarket with a combined target strike length of over 25 kilometres,” said Selby. “All fifteen initial holes at these first two targets successfully intersected large intervals of target mineralization. This area will be a focus of our exploration program in 2024.”
Agnico Eagle Mines Limited acquired 19,600,000 units of Canada Nickel Company Inc. for $23,128,000 at the end of 2023.
Agnico had spent approximately two years evaluating the critical minerals sector, focusing on Canada and the regions where it operates, where the company believes it has a competitive advantage. Agnico Eagle said its investment in Canada Nickel represents an early-stage investment in this growing sector.
It described Canada Nickel’s large, prospective land package and portfolio of early-stage nickel-sulphide deposits as being close to Agnico Eagle’s operations in the Abitibi region of Ontario and Quebec.
“Canada Nickel’s Crawford Nickel-Cobalt Sulphide Project has a large nickel resource and is expected to have a low carbon footprint. Aligning with Agnico Eagle’s well-established strategy of early-stage project investments, this investment represents an opportunity to establish a presence in an emerging nickel belt and monitor both the project’s progress and emerging technologies relevant to its development,” said the company in its announcement.
In the meantime, Canada Nickel has also attracted the attention of Samsung. “We are very pleased to welcome Samsung SDI as an investor and project partner with Canada Nickel,” said Selby.


Canada Nickel attracts attention of Samsung as an investor and project partner


“As we advance the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project, it is critical to form long-term partnerships with companies that truly understand how crucial this production is for electric vehicle supply chains across North America and Europe. As one of the world’s leading electric vehicle battery manufacturers, Samsung SDI not only understands our vital role in these supply chains, but also believes in Canada Nickel’s vision for responsible, large scale, net-zero-carbon nickel production. Together, our companies are paving the way for a more sustainable future.”
“We are pleased to partner with Canada Nickel through this opportunity,” said Ikhyeon Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung SDI. “We look forward to working with Canada Nickel to contribute to the growing battery manufacturing industry through this partnership.” Samsung SDI made a US$18.5 million investment in Canada Nickel for 15.6 million common shares.
In addition, two new mineral processing facilities, including the largest nickel processing plant in North America, are planned by Canada Nickel for Timmins creating potential economic growth and job opportunities.
Innovation in today’s mining and processing operations are important. This innovation is seen as companies improve their operating efficiencies, environmental practices, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and facilitating the choices and regulations by the regulators.
Canada Nickel’s facilities will utilize a carbon storage system to operate as zero-carbon facilities, with the aim of meeting the increasing demand for critical minerals in electric vehicle manufacturing.
The project emphasizes local economic development, First Nations engagement, and the importance of low carbon footprint in the global supply chain of critical minerals.
The company has also strengthened ties with area First Nations groups. They issued 100,000 common shares to Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN) under terms of an exploration agreement between Canada Nickel and TTN and 100,000 common shares to Apitipi Anicinapek Nation (AAN) under terms of an exploration agreement between Canada Nickel and AAN.
The Exploration Agreements continue important relationships through which Canada Nickel recognizes and respects the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of TTN and AAN while engaged in exploration activities on the company’s properties. The Exploration Agreements also each provide for the company to make certain cash payments to TTN and AAN based on the exploration program.

Canada Nickel will be giving a presentation during the Canadian Mining Expo on June 6th at the McIntyre Ballroom as part of the Projects in the Pipeline Conference. Learn how your company can help play a role in building one of the world's largest nickel producers.

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