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Canada Silver Cobalt identifies geophysical conductor at Graal Property in Nor. Quebec

Apr 19, 2022

Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. has released the results of its FL-TDEM geophysical survey at its Graal nickel-copper-cobalt property in the Lac St-Jean region of Quebec.

The survey identified a geophysical anomaly 1.7 kilometers long (NS) by 850 meters wide (EW) characterized by high conductance.

The FL-TDEM geophysical survey was completed for the Company by TMC Geophysics. The interpretation was provided by Michel Allard, P.Geo. with Inter Geophysique. Two sites have been investigated with the ground electro-magnetic survey with success, one around the discovery hole NRC-21-02, and one in the northeast sector within the contour of the max/min conductor. The company also completed borehole EM surveys (BHEM) in several holes to assist in providing additional targets around the existing holes. An extensive presentation on each sector has been received from the specialist which shows the data processing methods and modelling of the anomalies. (See Figures 1-4 below for summary results.)

FL-TDEM survey results:

  • The survey identified a geophysical anomaly 1.7km long (N-S) by 850m wide (E-W) characterized by high conductance. 
  • The response in the northeast indicates that the layer may be representative of a weakly connected sulphide layer, such as a disseminated to stringer-based sulphide with a massive to semi-massive Cu-Ni deposit. 
  • The BHEM survey results indicate that this large layer is not uniform and homogenous. 
  • The modelling suggests that thicker, more conductive, or even multiple zones are present, and that there may be large areas of low-grade mineralization in addition to having more localized areas of higher grade. 

"The conclusion of the ground electromagnetic survey needs to be verified by drilling and the company is taking steps to move in that direction. We intend to give immediate attention to the large 1.7 kilometers by 850 meters high conductance dipping about 30 degrees west. Request for drilling permits in this new area are in preparation as well as mandating Laurentia and a drilling contractor in order to start drilling this Phase 2 with several targets of interest as soon as possible. The information we have so far shows this property has significant potential for growth and fits with our objective to become an important supplier of fresh rock battery metals material for the EV market," stated Matt Halliday, P.Geo., President, COO and VP Exploration.

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