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Canada Silver Cobalt Works mapping St. Denis and Sangster Properties north of Iroquois Falls

Sep 7, 2023

Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. has announced the initiation of an exciting new phase in its exploration endeavours. The company has officially commenced lithogeochemical mapping of its St. Denis and Sangster properties, focusing on the search for LCT (Lithium, Cesium, Tantalum) type pegmatites. This groundbreaking exploration campaign marks a significant step forward in Canada Silver Cobalt's mission to unlock the full potential of these highly prospective properties.

Key Highlights of the Lithogeochemical Mapping Initiative:

  1. Extensive Research and Historical Exploration: Canada Silver Cobalt has undertaken extensive research and analysis of historical exploration data to pinpoint high-priority targets on the St. Denis and Sangster properties. These targets have been meticulously selected based on their promising geological characteristics and potential for valuable mineralization.

  2. Field Truthing and Access Route Development: The Company has initiated field truthing activities to validate access routes and is actively developing traverses to reach high-priority areas at both St. Denis and Sangster. Initial ground truthing efforts have already begun at Sangster East, with plans to access critical parts of Sangster West, where large pegmatites were previously mapped by Noranda.

  3. Preliminary MPASS Data by ALS Goldspot: Canada Silver Cobalt has received preliminary MPASS data produced by ALS Goldspot. The data has revealed numerous points of interest on the St. Denis block southwest of the Power Metals property, prompting further investigation. The Company eagerly anticipates receiving the final geophysical data.

  4. Expansion of Exploration Activities: Next week, Canada Silver Cobalt will ramp up exploration efforts by adding a second field team to the properties. This expansion aims to expedite data collection and analysis.

Matthew Halliday, President, and COO of Canada Silver Cobalt Works, commented, "At this stage in the game, we are looking to build a comprehensive lithogeochemical map. With a limited field season ahead, we are focused on collecting as many rocks as we can to create this invaluable targeting tool. Our meticulous approach to exploration is aimed at maximizing our understanding of these properties and identifying pegmatites with the highest potential for economic mineralization."

The Company remains committed to sustainable mining practices and responsible resource development. Canada Silver Cobalt Works will continue to engage with local communities, Indigenous groups, and stakeholders throughout its exploration activities, ensuring open and transparent communication.

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