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Certarus helping mines reach ESG targets

Jan 15, 2021

Certarus is the North American market leader in bulk compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery

With Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) becoming a primary driver in the mining sector, operators are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their sustainable practices. Certarus believes that its compressed natural gas (CNG) offering can contribute to meeting these ESG targets.

Certarus is the North American market leader in bulk compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery, with over 460 CNG trailers in its fleet. It supports industrial operations such as mines, pulp mills, asphalt plants and grain dryers as they reduce their environmental footprint while also decreasing their heating, drying, processing and power generation costs.

According to Stéphane Gallant, Certarus’ Manager of Business Development, “Replacing propane and diesel with natural gas helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions.” The company currently supplies CNG to many mines in Northern Ontario and Northwestern Québec including the Kirkland Lake Gold and Lake Shore Gold operations, primarily for seasonal mine air heating and onsite power generation.

Photo: Certarus supplying CNG for natural gas power generation

Certarus takes natural gas from the pipeline and compresses it into containerized tank trailers. The trailers are connected to a pressure reduction system at the client site which depressurizes and warms the gas to the client’s specifications. Instead of off-loading into storage tanks, the trailers are left onsite until the gas is consumed. The company’s remote monitoring and dispatch system ensures the timely switching of trailers, without the client having to get involved. As Certarus sources gas closer to clients, it lessens transportation risks associated with sourcing fuel by truck in Southern Ontario or by rail in Western Canada.

In addition to lowering both emissions and operating costs, natural gas also has practical advantages. It does not gel or freeze at -40 degrees Celsius the way other fuels do, which reduces fuel management costs for clients. As it remains in gaseous state, there is no risk of liquid spills or soil contamination. It is lighter than air, which means it dissipates in the event of a leak.

Gallant added that “Certarus supplies natural gas to US and Canadian industrial clients from its 15 fixed compression hubs and 15 mobile compressors. Specifically, for Northern Ontario, we’ve built facilities in Red Rock and Timmins, allowing us to serve the northwest and northeast parts of the province as well as Northwestern Québec.” In September 2020, the company commissioned its Southern Ontario compression hub, its third in Ontario.

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