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From deep underground at the face, to down in an open pit mine

Nov 16, 2020

By Stephane Villeneuve

When one thinks tires they think it is a product that comes with a particular piece of mobile equipment but what they don’t think of is, tires are a top 5, yes I said 5 cost to an open pit mine’s operations.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company recently launched the RH-4A+ as part of their line of off-highway large haulage tires. With improved sidewall durability and optimized footprint pressure, the RH-4A+ provides a more hours to removal when compared to other tires, lowering costs and lowering downtime hours.

The RH-4A+ offers enhanced sidewall durability thanks to Goodyear’s new Durawall Technology, a wider bead design, and wider molded rim width. Enhanced cut protection and a deep  E-4+ tread depth helps increase hours to removal by 12% when compared to the RM-4B+, according to a study conducted in April of 2019.

Global OTR Field Engineering Manager Eric Matson had this to say:

“Low operating cost per hour is an important requirement for mine operators. Customers also require other performance benefits, such as a tread and casing that, together, deliver long hours to removal, resistance to cutting, and excellent traction in severe, hard-rock underfoot conditions. The new RH-4A+ provides these benefits to help mining fleets optimize productivity and lower their operating costs.”

Goodyear tires has long been recognized as a leader in tire manufacturing. With 46 facilities in 21 countries, the Ohio based tire manufacturer continues to develop new innovations to improve performance and the RH-4A+ is the next step in this innovation. For more information on the RH-4A+ and other innovations by Goodyear visit www.goodyearotr.com or contact one of their dealers near you.

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