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Delta increases gold inventory at Delta-1 with 2.27 g/t over 10m and 2.20 g/t over 9m @ Thunder Bay

Nov 22, 2023

Delta Resources Limited is pleased to provide additional final assay results from its second phase of drilling, previously announced on June 6, 2023, at the Delta-1 Gold project located 50 km west of Thunder Bay.

Results from the final fifteen (15) drill holes of the second phase drill program are provided in Table 1 below. Other results from the forty-eight (48) drill holes comprising this phase of drilling were released on September 12, 2023 and October 5, 2023.and October 23, 2023.


Depth Extension at Delta-1 (Figure 2):

  • D1-23-72 intersected 1.49 g/t Au over 18.9 metres including 2.27 g/t Au over 10.0 metres.
    • Including a three-metre interval grading 5.20 g/t Au,
    • This intersection extends the Beta Zone to a vertical depth of 285 metres, 100 metres east of drill hole D1-23-86. 
  • D1-23-86 intersected 0.64 g/t Au over 58.7 metres including 2.20 g/t Au over 9.0 metres
    • This intersection extends the Beta Zone to a vertical depth of 240 metres 100 metres west of drill hole D1-23-72. 
    • Hole D1-23-86 also intersected 9.66 g/t Au over 1.5 metres at a vertical depth of approximately 365 metres.

Increased Gold Inventory at Delta-1; Gamma Zone Near Surface Extended for 200 metres (Figure 1):

  • D1-23-77 intersected 1.05 g/t Au over 11.5 metres,
  • D1-23-78 intersected 0.54 g/t Au over 23.5 metres from 6.0 metres.
    • These intersections extend the Gamma Zone for a surface strike length off 200 metres to date. Drill holes D1-23-77 and 78 were drilled respectively 100 metres east and west of drill hole D1-23-53: 1.18 g/t Au over 42.0 metres (September 12, 2023).

Eastern Extension of Gold mineralization and alteration corridor (Figure 1):

  • D1-23-73 intersected 0.50 g/t Au over 6.5 metres, and 
  • D1-23-74 intersected 0.49 g/t Au over 15.50 metres.
  • Both these drill holes are located on a section 846 metres east of hole D1-23-38: 1636 g/t Au and 697 g/t Au over 1.0 metres each (May 11, 2023), showing the potential for new mineralized zones east of the currently defined gold zone. 
  • D1-23-76 is located 1.15 kilometres east of hole D1-23-38 and intersected the alteration corridor over a core length of 202 metres.

Western Extension of Gold mineralization (Figure 1):

  • D1-23-83 intersected 0.63 g/t Au over 10.5 metres including 3.17 g/t over 1.5 metres. 
  • The intersection is a 275-metre step-out west of the currently defined gold zone.

New High-Grade Zones intercepted at depth showing under-ground potential (Figure 2):

  • Hole D1-23-86 intersected 9.66 g/t Au over 1.5 metres at a vertical depth of approximately 365 metres.
  • These high-grade gold intercepts at depth have become common at Delta-1, such as in drill holes D1-23-67: 24.4 g/t Au over 1.5 metres, 200 metres vertical, and D1-23-68: 12.5 g/t Au over 1.0 metres and 11.2 g/t Au over 1.5 metres at 382 metres and 406 metres vertical respectively (October 23, 2023).

André Tessier, President and CEO commented: "These latest results demonstrate that the mineralization and the broader alteration/deformation corridor are still open in all directions. With all the phase two drilling results now in-hand, we are continuing to integrate and model all of this new geological and assay data to better our understanding of the structural controls and geometry, as well as the geochemical and geophysical signatures of the mineralized zone. We are looking forward to the 2024 drilling program, which we strongly believe will benefit from the technical and targeting work currently being undertaken."

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