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Drilling Commences in Mann Twp Noble Minerals Options Held by Canada Nickel

Jun 14, 2023

Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. reported that Canada Nickel Company Inc. initiated a drill campaign on the properties optioned from Noble in Mann Twp the direct related quotes are taken from the Canada Nickel News Release of May 24, 2023.

The Mann property is located 22 kilometres east of Crawford and 45 kilometres northeast of Timmins. The property consists of at least three main ultramafic targets like that at Crawford – Mann Northwest with a target footprint of 6.0 km2, Mann Central with a target footprint of 3.1 km2, and Mann Southeast with a target footprint of 4.1 km2 - compared to Crawford target footprint of 1.6 km2. 

Vance White, President and CEO of Noble, said “we are extremely pleased to see Canada Nickel moving forward with their initial round of drilling in Mann Twp.”

Drilling started in the Northwest zone, with the first four drillholes intersecting very strongly serpentinized peridotite and minor dunite. These first four holes delineated mineralization along 800 metres of strike length and a width of at least 500 metres within a total target length of 10.4 kilometres. Mann Northwest remains open in all directions. Mineralogy and assays are pending. All four holes collared in dunite/peridotite with lesser intersections of pyroxenite and some minor dykes (Figure 1). All holes show strong serpentinization, and fine-grained mineralization throughout.”

Last week Noble Minerals representative Ed Van Hees addressed the Canadian Mining Expo 2023 Forum on Indigenous Communities and Critical Minerals and informed those in attendance about
Noble’s Kidd Creek II Project. 

The Project consists of a group of patents and claims including 50% held with 11530313 Canada Inc acquired from Explor Resources Inc in the vicinity of the Kidd Creek Mine, 24 km north of Timmins Ontario. The Kidd deposit is one of the largest volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits in the world, and one of the world’s largest base metal deposits and lies within the Abitibi greenstone belt and is presently owned by Glencore. Exploration of this area in the past was hindered by so many companies with small land packages. Over the years, Noble has been successful in assembling one of the largest land inventories in the vicinity of the Kidd Creek Mine.

Wayne Holmstead, also from Noble Minerals spoke about the two significant Rare Earth Elements projects in the Hearst, Ontario area. Noble Minerals holds 677 claims along Nagagami Carbonatite/Alkalic Complex, located about 65 kilometers northwest of Hearst Ontario. The staked area is equivalent to about 14,600 hectares or 140 square kilometers. 

A study of the magnetic data for the Nagagami Complex and the Niobec Mine both indicate a donut-shaped structure with syenitic rocks forming the circular magnetic high with carbonatitic rocks forming the central magnetic low. At Niobec, it is in the central magnetic low where the Niobium and Rare Earth mineralization is hosted.

Holmstead also talked about Noble Mineral’s Boulder Project near Hearst where it has an option to acquire a 100% interest in 204 claim units in Way Twps. The claims extend from about 4 to 15km southwest of the town of Hearst. The staked area is equivalent to approximately 4,500 hectares. A 140kg boulder was found in the area containing significant concentrations of base and precious metals, upon which an analysis, conducted in 2019 by the Ontario Geological Survey, determined that the boulder contained; 71.8% copper, 3.5% lead, 1.09% zinc, 252 g/T of silver, 3.79 g/T of gold, 4.43 g/T of palladium, and 2.22 g/T of platinum and consisted primarily of the mineral cuprite. The significant discovery of the highly mineralized boulder was in an area that has not seen much past exploration. The discovery of the source of the boulder would be an important mineral find.

In Quebec Noble holds as well as its ~482 hectares in the Cere-Villebon Nickel, Copper, PGM property, its ~3,700 hectares in the Buckingham Graphite Property, its ~10,152 hectares in the Havre St Pierre Nickel, Copper, PGM property, its ~518 hectares in the Laverlochere Nickel, Copper, PGM property, all of which are in the Province of Quebec.

Recently Noble Minerals acquired ~14,400 hectares of mining claims in Central Newfoundland.

Noble Mineral also holds shares in other mining companies such as Canada Nickel Company Inc., Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd., Go Metals Corp. and MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.

More detailed information is available on the website at: https://www.noblemineralexploration.com

H. Vance White, President 
Fax:    416-367-1954
Email:    info@noblemineralexploration.com      

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