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Emperor Metals: Pioneering the Future of Gold Mining with AI

Apr 11, 2024

"During this inaugural drilling campaign, the pivot to start drilling and exploring the extents of an open pit was envisioned in the mist of the program. A conceptual open pit model was developed for various stages, and we proceeded to start defining the extents of a Phase 1 Open Pit since this is usually the most economic phase of open pit development. Our objective in 2023 to grow the footprint of this deposit was clear and we delivered," said CEO John Florek.

Emperor Metals Inc. is sharing the additional assay results and achievements from the 2023 drilling campaign at the Duquesne West Gold Project, highlighting the exploration of high-grade targets and potential infill opportunities. The campaign, enhanced by AI and Machine Learning, aimed to explore extensions of high-grade targets and identify infill opportunities, resulting in significant discoveries of high and low-grade mineralization across multiple zones. The 2024 drilling program is fully funded, with a focus on further refining AI models to optimize exploration and increase potential ounces for mineral resource updates, emphasizing open-pit concepts and additional assaying of historic core.

"It is remarkable that we went from exploring a high-grade gold deposit with an underground development scenario to a large-scale open pit vision above this high-grade gold deposit so quickly. The revelation that the hosts rocks contained low-grade bulk tonnage gold was a real game changer. This concept de-risks and diversifies the project immensely; especially in a Tier 1 District where numerous companies have grown from small junior explorers to major developers. The proximity to multiple mills and infrastructure makes the production potential of this project highly valuable. The recent surge of gold prices supports this vision," continued Florek.

"Emperor is transforming the approach to evaluating and developing opportunities like Duquesne West using A.I., which allows us to optimize our exploration expenditures and capitalize on new information quickly; this accelerates our productivity offers a significant competitive advantage, on par with, or ahead of, senior mining companies. Emperor's scientific and technological edge sets us apart," added Florek.


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