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Engineering and technology company SK Godelius enters Canadian mining market.

Nov 11, 2020

Mining Life & Exploration News welcomes SK Godelius to the Canadian mining industry with the opening of offices in Ontario. The engineering and technology company SK Godelius which develops technological solutions for the mining and industrial sectors - announced its entry into Canada and the opening of offices in that country, considered one of the most developed in the global mining industry.

In a statement, the general manager of the Sigdo Koppers Group firm, Fernando Bracco, said that "the decision to settle in Canada is part of a long-term plan, which seeks to insert the company in the international context of the creation, execution and operation of remote control systems, autonomy and automation of robots, machinery and vehicles ".

He explained that SK Godelius will be part of the Global Hub Innovation Center, "which is made up of important companies from the mining and industrial sectors, which represents an opportunity to establish close relationships and connections with other relevant stakeholders in Canada, where a global center for talent, technology, research and development exist. "

Bracco added that, through this center and an alliance with the specialized company Norcat, they seek to position themselves as an important global player in the remote operations industry, where mining offers great development opportunities due to the conditions under which they are carried out, your operations.

"If we achieve that the mining processes can be operated from a remote site. We are helping to reduce an enormous number of problems. SK Godelius already has significant experience in teleoperation developments in multiple projects in Chile, which allows us to contribute to the development of the mining of the future ", he pointed out.

The internationalization process of SK Godelius is part of the strategic planning of their parent company the Sigdo Koppers Group, which made investments of US $ 19.1 million in innovation in 2019, with the focus of leading the markets in which its companies participate.

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