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Equinox Gold publishes Water Stewardship report

Jul 31, 2023

"Equinox Gold is committed to addressing water stewardship as a core component of our sustainability efforts and ESG strategy," Greg Smith, President & CEO of Equinox Gold said. "This Water Stewardship Report shares our current actions and approach to water stewardship and is an important step in laying the groundwork for the development of our comprehensive Company-wide water stewardship strategy."

Equinox Gold Corp.  announced the publication of its inaugural Water Stewardship Report, which is aligned with water reporting practices recommended by the International Council on Mining and Metals. 

Equinox Gold's Water Stewardship Report summarizes the Company's strategy to minimize our use of fresh water, limit potential impacts on fresh water sources, maximize water reuse, protect the water interests of both our operations and local stakeholders, and implement leading industry water stewardship standards. Equinox Gold has adopted a range of water stewardship principles including the World Gold Council's Responsible Mining Principles and the Mining Association of Canada's Towards Sustainable Mining ("TSM") protocols. The Company is also aligning its approach with the ICMM's Water Stewardship Framework and water accounting guidance. These industry frameworks provide the foundation for our water management strategy and the guidance to embed effective water management practices into the decision-making processes at our operations.

This inaugural Water Stewardship Report represents an important component of our 2023 ESG commitments and will serve as the baseline for our water stewardship reporting in subsequent years. Additional targets for 2023 include achieving a Level A rating across all operations for 100% of the indicators of the TSM Water Stewardship protocol and continuing to improve our water use efficiency per ounce of gold produced. We are also developing a comprehensive Company-wide water stewardship strategy that aligns with our climate action and environmental policies and strategies. 

More information about the Company's water accounting metrics and 2022 performance, water stewardship actions underway at each mine site and our approach to water management is summarized in the Water Stewardship Report, which is available for download at www.EquinoxGold.com.

About Equinox Gold

Equinox Gold is a growth-focused Canadian mining company with seven operating gold mines, construction underway at a new project, and a path to achieve more than one million ounces of annual gold production from a pipeline of development and expansion projects. Equinox Gold's common shares are listed on the TSX and the NYSE American under the trading symbol EQX. Further information about Equinox Gold's portfolio of assets and long-term growth strategy is available at www.equinoxgold.com or by email at ir@equinoxgold.com.


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