Jan 18, 2021

Mining sector employers are faced with ever-increasing benefit cost pressures from employees, union agreements, government and environment regulations to increase benefit levels and options. The SBM team’s modus operandi is to ensure that clients are fully informed of facts, options and risks to ensure they are in the best position to make decisions regarding their benefits, pensions and collective agreements.
As Consultants of choice, they provide actionable long-term strategies that help control costs and maintain the integrity of the plans. SBM actively assists in every aspect of the collective bargaining process with all analysis and benefit costings being generated in-house. Extensive bench-marking data specific to the mining sector helps to ensure benefit plans are competitive in terms of offerings and price.

New Alliance Bolsters SBM’s Range of Services and Expertise

The benefits and pensions specialists at Schuster Boyd McDonald go the distance to understand client needs and are fully vested in their clients’ success. To provide a wider array of services and to increase leverage with insurers, SBM recently joined forces with industry experts JONES DesLauriers Blevins Insurance Group.
Headquartered in Toronto, JDB is a full-service consultancy serving clients for over 65 years. They have built a leadership position within the Canadian long-term care, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. To better serve the needs of clients JDB has developed a highly efficient Third-Party Administration division that helps manage complex multi-tiered plans, cross-province locations, specialized billing or where a client simply wishes to separate the administration function from the insurer to provide negotiation flexibility.

The total group’s services include:

The SBM team can be reached at 1.855.532.4768 or at www.jdbgroup.ca

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