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Exploration drilling at Wesdome's Eagle River Mine continues to return High Grade Values

Dec 9, 2020

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. has announced results from ongoing underground exploration drilling program at the Company’s wholly-owned Eagle River Mine in Wawa. “We are also very pleased with the development of the 311 West zone that confirms the continuity of high grade in this zone, and appears to be even higher grade than the original exploration drilling," said President Duncan Middlemiss.

"The 311 West zone will comprise a significant portion of 2021 mining and is substantially developed in preparation for production, which bodes well for the 2021 plan. Further, the gold mineralization is transitioning into the surrounding mafic volcanics, again proving the likelihood of identifying additional zones in the volcanics with our surface drilling program in 2021.  We are currently in the process of planning next years’ exploration program, the largest in the Company’s history, which will consist of the continuation of exploration at depth, outside of the mine diorite, as well as areas along the Eagle Mine trend throughout our southern property package, with the aim of unlocking additional value on the Eagle River property.”

300 East Zone

Ongoing extension and definition drilling of the 300 East Zone has continued to return high grade gold intersections. The 300 East Zone, previously defined from the 750 m-level to 1,000 m-level, has now been extended to the 1,400 m-level (Figure 1). The down plunge extension is a relatively more tabular zone that now measures in excess of 100 metres (“m”) along strike with above average widths and grades. The recent drilling confirms the continuity of the geometry, and the consistency of the high grade mineralization, and remains open down plunge.

Highlights of the recent drilling are found below and are summarized in Table 1.

  • Hole 925-E-135: 41.0 g/t Au over 10.0 m core length (34.8 g/t Au cut, 4.2 m true width)
  • Hole 925-E-166: 54.9 g/t Au over 10.1 m core length (35.8 g/t Au cut, 5.1 m true width)
  • Hole 925-E-167: 47.3 g/t Au over 5.9 m core length (29.4 g/t Au cut, 3.0 m true width) 

All assays cut to 140.0 g/t Au. True widths are estimated.

In addition, limited drilling has intersected a new zone of mineralization approximately 40 m north and in the hanging wall of the high grade 300 East zone. Hole 925-E-172 returned 43.1 g/t Au (29.0 g/t Au capped) over 1.5 m true width. This zone remains open down plunge and along strike and highlights the potential of finding additional sub-parallel zones in this area and will remain a priority throughout 2021. The recent drilling results will be included in the 2020 year end mineral resource and reserve statement.

311 West Zone

The Company is continuing to develop and explore 311 West Zone along the western margin of the mine diorite. Ongoing development on 750 level and associated sub-levels have defined high grade mineralization over 100 m in strike length (Figure 2). The recent development confirms the continuity of the geometry and the consistency of the high grade mineralization. This development has returned higher gold grades than originally intersected by the exploration drilling. The zone has transitioned from the diorite into the adjacent mafic volcanics, again highlighting the potential of the volcanic rocks to host gold mineralization, similar to that observed at the neighbouring Falcon 7 zone. The 311 West Zone remains open up plunge and along strike to the west within the mafic volcanics, and will be a focus of 2021 drilling.

Highlights of the recent development are found below.

  • Sill 750-311 Sub #2: 44.8 g/t Au (27.1 g/t Au capped) striking 134 m over a true thickness of 2.9 m.
  • Sill 750-311 Sub #1: 42.9 g/t Au (26.8 g/t Au capped) striking 143 m over a true thickness of 2.1 m.
  • Sill 750-311 Sub #3: 56.7 g/t Au (34.3 g/t Au capped) striking 131 m over a true thickness of 2.0 m. 

All assays cut to 60.0 g/t Au.

Mr. Duncan Middlemiss, President and CEO commented, "We are thrilled with our ongoing exploration efforts in the 300 East Zone which continue to grow in size and return high grade values. Mining of this zone will positively impact operations for the next several years.”


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