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Former Mining Life Editor Greg Reynolds

Jan 3, 2024

By Glenn Dredhart. 

As a young man at the age of 20, I started my career as a sales representative working in the publishing and trade show business. At that time I worked on monthly forestry and mining publications. I worked for my mother and step father and only knew of Gregory Reynolds as he was the editor for the Timmins Daily Press at the time. Years went by and I started to get to know Gregory (Greg) on a more personal basis. Our paths would cross on several occasions as we worked in the same field. As time went by and Greg retired from his life long publishing career it ended up being the same time I went on my own  and started my own publication. I gave Greg a call and asked if would like to work part time and provide me articles on a monthly basis. Greg’s knowledge in the history of Timmins and his knowledge in the mining industry was a definite plus for any publisher writing mining news at the time. I worked with Greg for close to 30 years. I spent many days sitting with Greg whipping up story boards and placing stories in the publication prior to them going to print. We worked together on many projects. The ones that come to memory are the Timmins 75th Anniversary, Kidd Creek Mine’s 25th Anniversary and 50th Anniversary Souvenir Publications, the 100th Anniversary of Timmins Mining Souvenir Publication and the many Official Canadian Mining Expo official show Guides. Greg followed mining closely as he was an avid investor in Juniors Mining Stocks. When he use to come in to do his writing in the office I need to make sure he had his black coffee and plain donut on his desk. Greg was somewhat of a gambler and loved the game of poker. Greg had many stories to tell and was always a pleasure to talk to. His love for Timmins and the mining industry was displayed in the articles he wrote over the years. His connections, acquaintances, and his knowledge has taught me so much over the years. Mining Life & Exploration News will miss you Gregory Reynolds. Thank you for your services and for sharing your knowledge.

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